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I often join the many people thinking and pondering the birth of Christ this time each year. With Christmas coming up and all of the wonderful carols sing through the day, it is easy to think on that little seen of such humble beginnings.

One of the songs speak of the 3 wise men from the east, and my thoughts ponder on their choice of gifts. Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Each a richly gift of great value, but I think there is an underlying reason for these particular gifts.

Then it hits me… The Wiseman were preparing that little babe for the day he would die, the day he would bring about the atonement. They were preparing Jesus for the grave. See, Gold would be needed to purchase a tomb, and frankincense and myrrh (in the form of oil) were used for funeral preparation, it was how a body would be preserved in that day (like embalming as it were).  Of course I could be way off the mark here, but that is something to ponder over. When I look at it that way, I can see just how very wise these men were. 

God bless us all,



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This Fourth of July many americans will Celebrate the Freedoms this great Country (United States of America) has won. But we must remember there is a price for Freedom. The Freedoms we enjoy in the US have been baught by the suffering and much blood of our armed fources. Even before this Country stood united against our oppressors, the caos of life and blood had started to be paid, but as things go it seems we must every once in a while pay again and again with fresh blood to maintain our freedom from those tryants of fear, currently we consider Terrorists.

Here is an uplifting video about the freedoms we do have (however, not about what they cost):


What Freedoms are you Thankful for?

As there has been much purchased by the spilling of our dear blood, we still have not as a country purchased the true measure of Freedom. There is still fear and injustice without mercy dwelling amoung us. But there is Hope…

The true measure of Freedom has been purchased. It is not resurved for citizens of any one country, or of any certian race, social class, or creedo. The true measure of freedom has been purchased for any and all who choose to accept it.

Here is a short video to help explain how the true measure of Freedom was purchased for us:


This 4th I will Celebrate Freedom, and always be joyus for the Cause of Freedom.

God Bless,

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