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Hello Again!

I bounced back into this BLOG but I still do not know how much Time I will devote to it… Probably only during Breaks at Work I will check in but I hope to offer a free discussion enviroment without offence, thus I still will not tollerate direct attacks on people, their religion or creed, their race, culture, or well most any attack will be delt with. Also I have no tollarance to the use of foul language so please refrain from it’s use…

Hi, ya’ll!


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This guy calls me from New York and wants me to fix his computer. I’m on the West Coast, a few thousand miles away, in some call center for computer support. I ask him, “what seems to be the problem?”

“Well,” He says, “I’m sitting here in my office on the 43rd floor, installing your program and bam the computer goes out and I can’t get it to start up again.”

I go through my series of question to define the problem, and a few times he asks me to just fix it. He even said he was ready to toss the whole computer and get a new one if I couldn’t fix it.

After I got him calmed down and he answered some of my questions, it appeared that the unit is not getting power. So, I ask him to make sure it is securely plugged into wall, He affirms that it is. I ask him to check to see if the power cable is securely plugged into the back of the computer. He says, “Hold on, I need to find my flashlight, it’s dark in here without the lights on.”

I ask why the lights are off, and he answers, “We lost power to the building a few moments ago, so the lights are not on.”

That is when I asked how he would turn on the computer if it has no power?

His priceless answer, “Oh… OOhhh. Nevermind.” He hangs up.


How often do we do the same thing with God? We are making a long-distance prayer, “God, just fix it for me.” How do we expect God to fix it when we are right there at the source of the issue? How can we expect God to just reach over the many miles and, poof, it’s all better? Is that the way it has ever worked? Maybe the first thing we must do is examine the issue and determine what might be the cause of our problem. How often do we cause the issue by turning off our power, the spiritual power in our lives? There are so many issues that can be fixed just by re-establishing that power, and we can do it. There are several things that can help: Humble Prayer, Reading and study of scriptures, and regular Church attendance for fellowship are just a few.

Maybe our prayers should be made with a proactive attitude. Instead of, “God Help!!! Please fix it.” We should pray, “God, please help me to fix it, if I can, help me to find who can fix it if I cannot myself, or help me to understand why it’s broken if it cannot be fixed, For I know all things a possible through you, and that it is you that my help is from.”

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